Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lewisham College iPad Orchestra Performs 'The planets'

The Final performance of the iPad Orchestra took place last week and was a great feat of co-ordination and teamwork!
As it was a joint ventre with the Media Department and the Music Performance groups (playing in a more traditional band set up), we decided to use the college's TV studio which was set up with two stages and backdrops for projections. 
The music technology students set up the PA system and monitors and as they were relying on eachother for cues they set up around a set of tables and plugged their iPads in to a specially made 10-way Mini jack to 2 mono 1/4" Jack loom which went to the mixing desk so that all of the iPads were in Stereo.
The show consisted of 6 performances (Mars, Neptune, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter) with the Band and the iPad Orchestra taking turns to perform.
The Footage was filmed by the Media department students and the feeds were mixed live. The feed from the mixer was recorded and synced with the video. I have re-edited the video in to just the iPad Orchestra performances:




You can download the music here:

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