Monday, 16 January 2012

The iPads are here!

Well they've finally come - 10 shiny new iPads ready to put in to action!

After making a new iTunes account and registering them - it was time to go App shopping... As mentioned in my earlier blog, Garageband, Korg iMS20 and Korg iElectribe where the main music apps to get but there have been a couple of new releases that I am excited about too - iMaschine, iKaossilator and Yamaha's Tenori-on.
All of these are iPad versions of quite expensive hardware and although there are a few limitations (especially with iMaschine), they represent amazing value even taking in to consideration the asking price for a new iPad! Other additions to my list include Animoog which is an amazing new synth created especially for the iPad by the legendary Moog company and an interesting freebie call Little MIDI machine that allows you to control and sequence hardware synths via the camera connection kit and a USB to MIDI lead.

iRig Microphone
While I'm on the subject of extras, the students that will form the iPad Orchestra have a variety of skills and they might feel more comfortable experimenting with the iPad using those skills. With that in mind, we have purchased some iRig connectors so that guitarists can plug in to the iPad and use the effects from Garageband or Amplitube; an iRig Microphone so that singers can plug in and use effects from Vocalive; and the camera connection kit so that keyboard players can trigger the sounds in any of the synths on the iPad using a proper keyboard plugged in via USB.

Apple Camera Connection Kit for iPad

So we're all set and I'll be introducing them to the students next week... I'm not entirely sure how the 1st session will go as there is a lot to learn in a relatively short space of time, so I'm relying on the talent of the students (of which there is plenty) and the well-known gradual learning curve of the iPad to make this happen!

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