Monday, 30 January 2012

Syncing 2 iPads together for music collaboration

We had a bit of a breakthough today with 2 students who wanted to work together using the iKaossilator app. All of Korg's apps have a way of synchronising together over a wireless network called WIST, this enables one iPad to control the start/stop of another iPad. Both students were working on their sequences individually,using the same tempo and key  and then when they turned on WIST they combined their outputs using a mixer and controlled thier sequences by muting the different elements (drums, bass, FX & Chords) in and out  - as can be seen on this video.

This opens up a whole new approach to collaborative work with the iPads, although not an entirely new idea as MIDI sync technology (MIDI Clock) has been around for years and can be used to sync 2 or more laptops (or any other MIDI sequencer) together.

The big limitations with WIST at the moment are that:
  1. it can only connect 2 iPads together at a time;
  2. it relies on a wireless network (eek!)   
  3. not all apps support it. 
I think i would prefer MIDI clock as a way of syncing and as core MIDI is now implemented in to iOS5 some apps are starting to include it on their specifications, but WIST is a much neater way of working so i'm going to look in to the feasibility of having a wireless router on stage (rather than using the college's wireless network).


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