Monday, 23 January 2012

Students using the iPad for the 1st time

After introducing the concept of the iPad orchestra last week, with a quick demo of the different apps that would be available to them,  the students couldn't wait to get going themselves. Now that the apps had been installed it was time for a bit of experimenting!
I was amazed at how quickly they picked up the interaction with the iPads and even though most of them hadn't ever used one, they felt comfortable launching apps and investigating the different musical possibilities they offer. It wasn't long before 1 student wanted to try out the iRig mic with GarageBand - this was a simple case of plugging in the lead provided in to the headphone/mic socket of the iPad and the students headphones in to the socket on the iRig Mic so that he could hear himself. Another student wanted to try out the iRig guitar input and was set up in the same way as the mic. The Garageband amplifiers provided a great sound but everytime he stopped playing there was a short but noticeable feedback type noise. We tried the Amplitube app instead and it worked perfectly although the choice of amps wasn't as good in the free version - more can be purchased via the in-app store.
A quick poll at the end of the session resulted in GarageBand and iKaossillator as being the favourites with special mentions to the Animoog, Alchemy and iMS20 synths too.
Next week week we will be concentrating on the theme of the compositions & performance which will be 'The Planets'.... should be interesting!

Filmed and edited on the iPad with iMovie

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